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Private Investigation Service.

Edwin is a Licensed Private Investigator in Queensland. Security Provider Licence #3623418

Edwin can conduct any private investigation matter you may have to a high standard. Reports and DVD footage is always supplied if relevant as part of the cost not extra.

Edwin is a Sole Trader. Edwin Does not sub-Contract so when you Employ Grainger Investigations you deal with the Business owner not a faceless manager and a large uncaring Corporate office somewhere in Australia, or worse overseas.

Grainger Investigations aim to bring the family back to the Investigation Industry.

When you buy Grainger Investigations Services, you know it is Local, Australian owned and operated and is a VETERAN OWNED BUSINESS.

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Accident Investigation

Cause root of workplace accident investigated with the ICAM system, Accident Audit Tool.

Edwin is Qualified as a Lead Investigator ICAM and a Diploma in Work Health and Safety.

Edwin’s back ground in the Military and security gave him an inside knowledge  in  Corporate processes and risk reduction.

Edwin can investigate for you any work place accident in a factual and timely manner. Edwin can assist your on site WHS Advisor in big work place incidents bringing a knowledge bridge in serious Death or serious Injury incidents that your staff may struggle with.

Any reportable incident should be independently investigated.


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Field Agent and Process Server

We can Serve documents and processes for all your court issues. All prices include Affidavit.

Special Prices for tracking and serving Debtors.

Edwin specialises in Process serving and the Acquisition of property that has breached a contract of sale or finance.

Field Agent Licence QLD #4061192

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Missing Persons

Finding lost persons, long lost family members, that debtor who has gone off the grid’

Edwin has conducted many missing persons enquiries. Most cases are lost family members or ex partners who have gone missing with the children.

Please ensure that you do not have a AVO or DVO in place on the missing party before contacting Grainger Investigations.

Edwin takes women and children’s safety seriously and fully endorse the White Ribbon Principles of NO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Please do not ask Edwin to find a missing partner you have a DVO or AVO with, I will not do it.

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Eyes on surveillance of a subject, gathering information on subjects such as Infidelity & Insurance fraud.

Edwin is experienced in surveillance of work cover injuries and infidelity case’s.

What you get for your money.

You deal with Edwin. Full report and DVD evidence of any issues encountered during the surveillance.

Only Licensed Private Investigators can conduct surveillance on Private persons.

Edwin is a Licensed Private investigator in Queensland, # 3623418

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Security Consultant

Edwin has a Military and Security Background. If you need sound Security advice or if you need to know your provider is giving you what you are paying for, Edwin will provide you with a clear brief on current threats to minimise your risk.

Ask about Edwin’s new service,  ” Key-holder Reconnaissance”, is your building safe from intruders? Are your security providers giving you what you pay for?

Edwin has worked in Multiple off shore countries  where facility security is designed around counter attack and terrorism.

Get a Security Review, feel safe, get it from some one who has done it.

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About Us

At Grainger Investigations we provide Investigative and Security Consultancy services. Edwin is experienced and qualified, has 10 yrs.’ investigative experience and use the most up to date modern methods, in skip tracing and missing person’s cases.

Grainger Investigations are trusted to give you a, “nothing but fact”, investigation report.You, the customer, are involved every step of the way, updating you, providing transparency in all that is done. Edwin is a licensed Private Investigator in Queensland.

Security Provider Licence Queensland #3623418.

Field Agent Licence Queensland #4061192


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Edwin Grainger is an experienced Investigation and security professional. Edwin served in the Defence Force, in extreme threat operation areas and as a private contractor in the Middle East. Edwin has a Government investigation back ground and experience in Work Accident Investigation . Edwin Grainger’s point of difference is the level of experience he brings to you. Edwin can advise you on actions going forward to mitigate and reduce your personal and business risks. Edwin is a Sole Trader. Edwin is the person conducting the Investigation and/task not a Sub-Contractor. Edwin brings the family back to his business dealings as you deal with him every step of your experience with Grainger Investigations.

Grainger Investigations is available though out S.E. Queensland, Greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast.

Edwin strives to bring you his service, at a competitive rate, while not sacrificing service to you, the customer.

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